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“The brew with brains tapping into the community”

The idea behind Brainy Borough Brewing is to bring together a strong craft beer community within Metuchen and build a place that benefits all beyond the average mug club. Our core values are made up of these 8 guiding principles:

Membership with Benefits
Engage with YOUR community
Take part in building our brainy brew brand
Unique way to drink with friends
Craft beer is cool!
Happy hour all the time
Engage with like-minded individuals
No last call

We truly believe in these principles and their ability to foster a healthy, sustainable and socially responsible organization! If you are interested in being a part of the buzz, download our membership application and email it to us or fill out the online application or visit our online store to buy a membership.

    Member Benefits:
    1. Able to attend 4 BBB exclusive members only events!
    2. A Brainy Borough Brewing shirt!
    3. Discounts on other BBB swag!
    4. Participate in new BBB brew initiatives!
    5. Receive an exclusive BBB growler
    6. Rate in which you sign up will be held as long as you are in good standing

    *Payment to be made to Brainy Borough Brewing, LLC
    *Credit Card payments will incur a 3.74% surcharge
    *By signing above member releases Brainy Borough Brewing, LLC and its affiliates from any claims outside of that which is
    herein written. In addition, the signor agrees this is a membership that may be revoked at any time under the discretion of
    Brainy Borough Brewing and/or its affiliates

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